Crop Protection

When it comes to protecting crops, noise makers, visual deterrents, and other conventional strategies simply don’t work. With our free-flying raptors, there is no need to lose a significant percentage of your annual yield to pest birds. Our team provides immediate and lasting protection for berries, orchards, and vineyards, reducing your yearly loss to near zero.

Landfills & Industrial

Save yourself the expense and hassle of regulator fees and constant complaints. Our raptors are proven to naturally deter concentrations of gulls, crows, ravens, pigeons, starlings, and other pest birds that frequent landfills and other industrial sites.

Commercial & Residential

Whether you manage a resort, a city center, or an HOA, don’t waste your time and money on unattractive bird spikes or other ineffective deterrents. Our raptors provide a natural and unobtrusive solution to keeping your commercial or residential space pest bird free.

Solve your pest bird problem today!

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